Telegram Notification Service for WAVES Wallet

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Many of you might know me as deepred, my name is Marco, I’m a Pizza maker during the day and a programmer / WAVES Moderator at night. I’m an active member of the WAVES Community since the beginning – in all of this time spent around I met awesome people that created a lot of value to WAVES and so I decided to make my small part too.

In May 2017 I started accepting WAVES in my restaurant to give it a real user case and later, a few other places around the world followed my steps and started accepting WAVES too.

WAVES Community is growing amazingly and the WAVES Platform Telegram Channel just hit 4.700 users, we love Telegram, we all do, so I decided to merge WAVES and Telegram and create WAVESNotify.

WAVESNotify started as personal project mainly to better improve my python skills, once the BOT was ready and running it was so good, that it would have been a shame to don’t let WAVES Community enjoy it, so here it is.

Many features are being developed, due to my lack of free time in summer, hard developing will take place in winter, when major improvements will be added and the STABLE version will then come out.