Telegram Notification Service for WAVES Wallet

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: What is WAVESNotify?

A: WAVESNotify is the first Telegram BOT that sends you a message every time you receive some WAVES/Tokens in your WAVES wallet.


Q: How can I activate WAVESNotify?

A: Activating WAVESNotify is really easy, start a chat with WAVESNotifyBOT and add your WAVES address using /add <waves address>


Q: Is WAVESNotify safe to use?

A: YES! Your SEED/Private Keys aren’t required to activate WAVESNotify – Your public WAVES address it’s the only thing you need to start receiving notifications.



A: The Notification message when you receive WAVES will always be free, for everyone, forever! – If you also want to be notified every time you receive an asset different from WAVES (like WCT, wBTC, wETH, MobileGo, etc.) and to access all the other future PREMIUM features, you need to be PREMIUM – PREMIUM PRICE / OPTIONS is not decided yet, enjoy FREE PREMIUM while I tweak the bot and add new functions, play with it and tell me what do you think.


Q: What is the WavesNotify (WNT) Token on DEX?

A: WavesNotify is a Token on the WAVES Blockchain, its asset ID is EqdXBgKgKqdpD3kGT4tS9VgLifZXS3ASihwM3hnprNdU and it will be the PREMIUM Fuel for the BOT. At the moment WNT is a reissuable token and its amount is 1.000.000 (this might change in the future), and currently not for sale – It will become available for everyone once the stable version will be released.


Q: I Found a BUG / have some suggestions

A: Join WAVESNotify Telegram Group and leave a message.